LINAC system and treatment planning CT equipment

Keiyu Hospital

Despite being able to boast of one of the most noted histories and traditions in the city of Yokohama, Keiyu Hospital is a general hospital with access to cutting-edge healthcare facilities (in FY2018 it had 410 beds with an average figure for daily patient admissions of 316.9).
It also received numerous other designations, such as that of a regional medical care support hospital, and has been specified as a designated clinical training hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Due to the obsolescence of its radiotherapy system for cancer treatment (LINAC system), the hospital had been considering the adoption of a new system with a focus on future clinical needs.
While providing high-quality information to the customer, Kanaden submitted a proposal for high-precision radiotherapy in the form of the TrueBeam LINAC system offered by Varian Medical Systems, Inc., combined with Siemens Healthcare K.K.'s SOMATOM Definition AS Open treatment planning CT equipment.
In addition to reducing treatment times, this system can mitigate the burden of treatment felt by the patient, and thus contributes to improved Quality of Life (QOL).