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The Infrastructure Business offers electric products for rolling stock and other vehicles, receiving substation equipment and telecommunication equipment to railway operators and deals with traffic safety systems, air traffic control systems and local disaster-damage prevention systems that contribute to the construction of the social infrastructure.


Rolling Stock and Other Vehicles

Vehicle air conditioning

Railways are the means of transportation that are the closest to us and that are environmentally friendly. We offer highly reliable electrical drive and control components as well as braking and safety devices for rolling stock. We also provide the Train Vision (in-train information display) system and air conditioning system as support for both the safety of rolling stock and its comfort.

Facilities and Information and Communication Equipment

We offer receiving substation facilities, station power distribution facilities, train radio systems and other information and communication equipment indispensable to safe train operations.
In addition, we deal with wireless microphones for railway stations, photovoltaic generation systems, small-sized wind power generators, LED lighting and more to help achieve comfort and energy conservation in railway stations.
Displaying bus departure times and seating availability information, bus signage systems help to increase customers' convenience.

Small-Sized Wind Power Generator
(East Japan Railway Company)
Bus departure time signage
(installed at two locations in the arrival lobby on the first floor of Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal)

Social Systems

Safety and Reassurance

LED Road Lighting Fixture

We offer LED traffic lights, LED road lighting and other products that improve road safety and achieve energy conservation. LED traffic lights are energy efficient and have superior recognizability.
Providing systems that automatically record traffic accidents occurring at intersections, vehicle-mounted video recording systems and disaster prevention radio systems in preparation for disasters, we help to protect societal safety.

The Environment and Energy

Large-Scale Photovoltaic Generation System
Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles

The distributed power sources we offer, combining large-scale photovoltaic generation systems and large-scale electricity storage systems, are widely used. We also offer quick chargers for electric vehicles, energy-saving equipment, and other energy solutions that are helping to realize a lowcarbon society.

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