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Information & Communications Equipment

The Information and Communications Equipment Business deals with security systems, visual systems and other telecommunication equipment that respond to various needs as well as microcomputers, semiconductors and other electronics device components that are indispensable to industrial machinery.

Semiconductors and Devices


We offer power semiconductors that are helpful for higher efficiency and size and weight reduction for industrial machinery as well as network ICs that are essential to an ever-advancing network society. We are also working to establish a system for serving the Asian market through our Group's overseas offices.

Electronic Devices

We propose interface connectors that are used in extensive areas including information equipment close to us, robots and other industrial machinery, as well as highly reliable color TFT liquid crystal panel modules with stable operations when incorporated into industrial machinery or outdoor terminals and under other harsh conditions.

Connectors (Photo courtesy of Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.)
Connectors for Wired LAN
LCD Module for Color TFT Displays for Industrial Use
Mechanical Relay


Security Systems

We propose solutions incorporating AI and network cameras to address customers' issues. Using AI to analyze images captured by the cameras yields information that leads to operational improvement, higher customer satisfaction, and enhanced security.

AI-based identification of seating availability
AI-based analysis of customer traffic according to time

Visual Systems

LED Display System for Indoor Use
Disaster Prevention Signage

We offer the Diamond Vision, LED display systems for indoor use and other large-sized visual systems producing high image quality, signage systems for disaster prevention to support the safety and reassurance of social infrastructure and other visual systems as a means of communication according to situations where they are installed or for other purposes.

Electronic Medical Care Systems

Radiotherapy System

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Japan. It is a national challenge to solve it. One solution to this problem is radiotherapy. We offer the LINAC cutting-edge radiotherapy systems and other medical equipment to medical institutions aiming to provide high quality medical treatment.

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