Learn about KANADEN

Kanaden engages in a range of businesses in the domains of electronics and mechatronics.
This section presents what Kanaden is all about from different aspects including its unique strengths and history.

What is an Electronics Technology Trading Company?

Electronics technology trading might be an unfamiliar business category.
This section explains it and presents Kanaden's business activities and philosophy.

  • Business of an electronics trading company
  • Towards a presence beyond a medium of goods
  • Kanaden's business during its continuous expansion
  • Extensive coverage allows Kanaden to stand out as an electronics technology trading company
  • Coordination capabilities generate infinite potential
  • With a view to serve as the best partner for customers

KANADEN's Strengths

KANADEN's Manufacturing

Kanaden supports sound manufacturing and helps to create leading-edge factories.

KANADEN's Community Building

Kanaden helps to build safe, reassuring and comfortable communities that are environmentally friendly.

KANADEN's Past Developments

Look back at over 100 years of Kanaden's history along with the corresponding social conditions.