What is an Electronics Technology Trading Company?

Electronics technology trading might be an unfamiliar business category.
This section gives an idea of what electronics technology trading is all about and presents Kanaden's business activities and philosophy.

Business of an electronics trading company

Kanaden is an electronics technology trading company. What is the difference between an electronics technology trading company and an electronics trading company? An electronics trading company is generally understood to engage in the B2B business of wholesaling electronics products and components. The basis of such business lies in delivering electronics products and components to a company that needs them in the correct quantity on the correct delivery date. Kanaden began as an electric material wholesaler.

Towards a presence beyond a medium of goods

In its early days, it was normal to only provide goods, and the customers themselves would decide how to use them. However, during and following the ten year period that started in 1975, when society overflowed with electronics products and technologies advanced rapidly, the role of trading companies as mere brokers of goods faded. They were required to shift from a passive stance to a business approach that was based on making proposals.
An electronics technology trading company could be described as a company with deeper insights about products and technologies to offer advice from a more advanced standpoint than that of customers, or as a company that can receive inquiries from customers at any time about what equipment is required to produce a specific product and what product can be created with newly developed equipment.

Kanaden's business during its continuous expansion

This year, 2017, marks the 110th anniversary of Kanaden's founding. Our business domains continue to expand beyond the framework of wholesale and brokerage in a bid to serve a wide variety of customers.
In recent years, we have been positively advancing the system solution business for factory automation. To build a smart society, we continue to create new businesses by providing customers with the latest solutions that meet the times, with safety and reassurance as key concepts, including products related to energy conservation, renewable energy and the environment.

Extensive coverage allows Kanaden to stand out as an electronics technology trading company

Everything about electronics is within Kanaden's business coverage. After receiving inquiries from customers, we continuously seek related business opportunities.
We are very proud to be a team of professionals that is familiar enough with any domain that we will never reject any business opportunity, but seek a solution. We believe that this extensive business coverage allows us to stand out as an electronics technology trading company.

Coordination capabilities generate infinite potential

As an electronics technology trading company, we must have more than knowledge about the technologies themselves. Having coordination capabilities is even more important. We use various technologies that fit customers' needs to discover solutions from different angles. The business potential generated from our own coordination is infinite. More importantly, our aspiration to serve and please customers is indispensable in the business of electronics technology trading.

With a view to serve as the best partner for customers

Coordination of technologies means adding our cultivated techniques and experience to customers' ideas and expertise to create new value. For this purpose, it is important to constantly seek out the latest information and to view the world of electronics technologies from a broader perspective than anyone else. We aim to be trusted by our customers to the extent that they are certain we can resolve any issue if they consult with us, and to be the first contact of customers whenever they have a problem. We spare no effort to become the best partner for all customers. We will stand beside our customers and grow together with them. This is the vision and ideal state of an electronics technology trading company.