Kanadenʼs Important Themes/ E (Environment) S (Society) H (Human Resources)

The Kanaden Groupʼs mission is to contribute to the development of a sound and dynamic society through the creation of added value. In carrying out this mission, it is vital to consider the environment, connect with local communities, develop human resources who support the business, and carry out initiatives to address these issues.
The Kanaden Group recognizes Environment (E), Society (S), and Human Resources (H) as key management issues and engages in various initiatives aimed at the development of a sustainable society in all aspects of business activities.

E (Environment)

Environmental management

Modern society demands that companies contribute to solving environmental issues through business activities. Utilizing our knowledge and experience as an electronics technology trading company, Kanaden will contribute to solving environmental issues.

The Earth we all live on is facing numerous environmental issues, including global warming, polluted oceans, and a steep population increase. In particular, the impact of climate change on the environment is growing more serious. If global warming continues at this pace, it may threaten our lives as abnormal weather grows more frequent, high tides cause flooding, and droughts slow down agriculture and lead to food shortage.
Kanaden acknowledges that environmental issues should be addressed. We are contributing to a reduction of the burden on the environment through products related to energy conservation, renewable energy, and environment.
The Group is also proactively taking efforts towards the conservation of the global environment and the preservation of biodiversity.

S (Society)

Social Contributions

The Kanaden Group participates in and supports social contribution activities. Based on an awareness that companies are one member of society, Kanaden aims to fulfill its role as a corporate citizen supporting communities and society. We want to be a company beloved by everyone through not just the business activities, but also social contribution activities for community development and volunteer activities rooted in local communities.

As one member of society, the Company aims to interaction with the local community through community contribution activities in order to create a healthy society. We are also aiming to create a healthy society through volunteer activities for the development of communities and sponsorships to develop the young generation who will lead the future. During emergencies, we provide support to victims and affected areas through financial donations.
In the future, Kanaden will continue to value our connection to communities and engage in social contribution activities for sustainable development.

H (Human Resources)

Human Resources Development

Human resources development is a key theme of the Kanaden Group. We are promoting the development of diverse human resources who can take on new challenges and fostering creativity and a sense of balance by creating a workplace environment in which employees feel pride in their work. We aim to increase corporate value by boosting the growth of both individuals and organizations.

The Company has a corporate culture in which it flexibly responds to changes and continues to evolve while accurately identifying the needs and issues of customers and solving problems. “Human resources” with excellent human qualities are vital in order to take on customer issues.
Kanaden will continue to take proactive efforts to support employees, such as through its human resources system which develops human resources with excellent human qualities and the promotion of diverse workstyles to create an environment where employees can work with ease.