E (Environment)

Approach to Environmental Conservation

Environmental Policy

The Kanaden Group recognizes its mission to hand over a clean world to future generations and has positioned its Environmental Policy as one of its key management issues. For the development of a sustainable society, in all aspects of corporate activities, we strive to conserve and work in harmony with the global environment.

  • Environmental conservation activities

    • We will contribute to the development of a low carbon and recycle-oriented society by not only expanding the sales of eco-friendly products but also offering solutions that are perfect for our customers' eco-business.
    • Our Group's employees and families will work to promote energy savings, resource savings, and proper waste disposal to reduce the burden on the environment.
    • We will make a commitment to biodiversity-oriented environmental conservation activities to promote the coexistence of human beings and nature.
  • Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations

    We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, as well as outside environmental requirements the Group has agreed to.

  • Continuous improvement

    We will work to develop an awareness of environmental conservation and to continuously improve and maintain initiatives that contribute to reducing the burden on the environment.

Goals and the company we want the Kanaden Group to become
  • Procure electricity used in business activities from 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Achieve zero emissions and carbon neutrality in business activities.
  • Contribute to the creation of low carbon and recycle-oriented society by expanding renewable energy business and using energy conservation equipment.
Current initiatives
  • Reduce environmental impact

    Promote energy conservation based on environmental manual; promote installation of energy conservation equipment in in-house facilities

    Capital expenditures to promote paperless operations across the entire company

    CO2 reduction by introducing hybrid cars

  • Expand support for energy business and energy conservation related products

    Promoting the environment business and the high-value-added system business

  • Protection of natural environment

    Support activities and proactive participation in community initiatives, such as "Kigyo no Mori," tree-planting activities, and satoyama woodland preservation activities

Environmental Issue Activities

Reducing Environmental Impact

The scope of the investigation increased significantly after the relocation of the Head Office, however, we achieved this year's objective by installing LEDs lighting, reducing office equipment, and continuing electricity conservation activities.
Along with the relocation of the Head Office and the renovation of the Kansai District Office, we promoted paperless operations and achieved a significant reduction in paper usage.
We promoted the introduction of hybrid vehicles for company cars, which led to reduction of gasoline consumption.

Promoting the environment business and the high-value-added system business

We are promoting the environment/energy business to contribute to realization of a low carbon, recycling-based society. At the same time, we are promoting the high-value-added system business by helping customers enhance their corporate value in order to contribute to the development of industry.
Revenue from the environment/energy business recovered from the downturn in the previous fiscal year due to a recovery of sales for photovoltaic power generation equipment and increased demand for energy storage batteries in public transportation infrastructure. Furthermore, in the high-value-added system business, the business which contributes to customers' labor saving efforts expanded significantly.

Environment / energy business

Key measure

Expand business by mainly promoting promising products that contribute to reduction of environmental impacts

Principal products

  • LED lighting
  • Photovoltaic power generation systems
  • Lithium-ion storage batteries
  • Quick charger for electric vehicles
  • Electronic equipment for net-zero-energy buildings (ZEB)

High-value-added system business

Key measure

Promote the solutions business that realizes labor saving and enhanced efficiency through utilization of robots, AI, and IoT.

Principle solutions

  • Automation of manufacturing processes by introducing robots
  • Preventative maintenance of facilities by utilizing IoT and sensors
  • Comfortable buildings by introducing building management systems
  • Enhancement of efficiency of analysis by utilizing AI and image analysis technology
  • Shortening of product development lead times by offering built- in wireless modules

Preservation of biodiversity

  • Head Office (Tokyo region)

    Tokyo Bay Green Volunteers

    Participated in environmental conservation activities to improve the bamboo forest in the Port of Tokyo Wild Bird Park.

  • Tohoku Branch Office

    Nanatsumori Satoyama Preservation Activities

    Participated in Nanatsumori satoyama woodland preservation activities.

  • Kyushu Branch Office

    Spring Satoyama Woodland Preservation Activities (Aburayama)

    Participated in forest maintenance activities in the Aburayama Nature Sanctuary under the control of the Fukuoka City Citizens' Forest Association.

  • Chubu Branch Office

    Fujimae Tideland cleaning operation

    Participated in Fujimae Tideland cleaning operation, a Ramsar Convention site, with local companies and citizens.

  • Head Office (Tokyo region)

    Kigyo no Mori Kanaden

    In the 10 years since planting, it has grown into an impressive forest.