H (Human Resources)

Approach to Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

The Kanaden Group possesses the posture of boldly taking on new challenges and the courage for reform, boosts the growth of individuals and organizations, and aims for the improvement of corporate vitality.
On the basis of the idea that the quality enhancement of every single employee is indispensable to the Group's development, it is essential to enhance and develop human resources.
While moving toward that goal with the deployment of proactive hiring activities, the Group also provides learning opportunities to all employees using a varied menu of training based on themes and levels in order to enhance education.

  • Improvement of efficiency and productivity through review of ICT environment

    • Improve operational efficiency by reviewing the operations system and introducing sales support systems
    • Strengthen data analysis/utilization functions
    • Achieve flexible workstyles by enhancing communications tools and putting in place teleworking environments.
  • Creation of a culture and environment in which diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their abilities

    • Prevention of harassment.
    • Revise various personnel systems to improve the convenience of shorter or flexible working hours, and paid leave programs.
    • Provide information to support work-life balance (child care, nursing care).
  • Growth of individuals/organizations

    • Improve business skills through level and theme-specific training; spread Group Philosophy.
    • Strengthen and develop human resources who can "challenge and innovate" by spreading new HR evaluation system.
  • Creation of workplace environment in which employees feel pride in their work
  • Improvement of communications which can cross organizational borders
  • Creation of an organizational culture in which diverse human resources can fully execute their abilities
Goals and the company we want the Kanaden Group to become
  • No direct or indirect discrimination of traits unrelated to execution of one's role; diverse human resources execute their skills and receive appropriate treatment.
  • Become an organization where creativity and taking on challenges are praised and supported; pursue highly productive, high-value-added work from each and every employee.
  • The economic effects of individuals and organizations fully exercising their abilities construct a positive cycle which becomes the driver of further growth.
Current initiatives
  • Level-specific individual training, childbirth/child care support, Employee Stock Ownership Association, child raising support, Life Plan Support Program, Shin-yu Kai

Human Resources Initiatives

On the basis of the idea that the quality enhancement of every single employee is indispensable to the Group's development, the Company provides level-specific training and individual training to positively cultivate a wide variety of personnel.

Theme-Specific Training

Training by work unit

As the HR system has been reformed into a role-based system and the roles of each work unit has been clarified, this training aims to confirm the duties and needed skills of each role and develop employees who contribute to the growth of the Company.

Training for employees who are subject to evaluations


Training for employees, who are subject to evaluations, to properly understand the behavioral traits the Company requires in the role definition manual for the new HR evaluation system.

Training for experienced employees


In order to enjoy a more satisfying work life, employees look back on their experiences and consider how to be a positive impact on their workplace.

Other Theme-Specific Training

Training for OJT leaders
Training that teaches employees the points for instruction with an understanding of their role as OJT leaders and prepares them, together with their mentor, to conduct progress management that fits the subject.
Business document training
Training that reconfirms the basic components required of business documents with employees, teaches the tricks to creating documents, and imparts how capturing a customer's heart through writing can lead to the construction of better interpersonal relationships.
Line care training
Training that teaches employees basic mental health knowledge and countermeasures to prevent employees from having mental health issues; training targeted at managers to detect and handle mental health issues from an early stage.
Overseas training
In order to strengthen the overseas business, this training aims to develop human resources equipped with the ability to think independently and take appropriate action, as well as a global perspective.

Level-Specific Training

Training for new department managers
Training for new department managers to understand the basic processes of strategy formulation and grasp the objective status of one's own company and department as well as to improve their leadership skills as a department manager
Training for new section managers
Training for new section managers to understand the expected roles of section managers to fulfill and understand the basics of completion of targets and subordinate training
Training for middle-ranking employees (each level)
Training to improve the skills of middle-ranking employees required for each level based on their role definition
Training for young employees
Training to develop young employees for their first three years in the Company
Training for new employees
Training to teach the basics for new business workers

Voice of Human Resources Representative

We have had trials and errors to create training which grasps and responds to company needs and social trends. Human resources development is not just training, but is also cultivated in everyday operations, including OJT. In the future, we aim to cooperate with each division and focus on post-training follow-ups and on-site education. We will strive to enhance our training and education systems so that the quality improvement of each and every employee leads to further business growth.

Human Resources Support

Support Concerning Childbirth and Child Care

The Company has introduced support programs for maternity leave before and after childbirth, child care leave and others that are available according to childbirth, child care and other life events in order to help its employees continue to work for a long time without worry. It maintains the ratio of female employees returning to work after child care leave at 100%.

Voice of Employees

After taking maternity leave before and after childbirth and child care leave, I am currently working a schedule that is one hour shorter than normal.
When I used this system, there were already many precedents, which created an atmosphere which made it easy to take leave.
In this workplace, my coworkers helped me by giving me suitable work when I felt ill before the birth and when I took sudden leave after the birth, always offering me kind words. I feel that the 100% rate of returning to work after maternity and child care leave is due to this sort of surrounding support.

Child Care Support

The Company provides its employees with long-term support for child care.

Child care support
The Company provides a certain level of financial support for raising children from the moment of birth to graduation from university.
Education support
The Company offers a certain level of financial support for employees with children at university, junior college and vocational school in consideration of the heavy economic burden.

Employee Shareholding Association

The employee shareholding association is a system for helping employees with regular acquisition and holding of the Company's shares and with medium- and long-term asset building. The Company provides its employees affiliated with the association with an incentive amounting to 10% of the cost for share acquisition.
Currently, the association has over 80% of employees as members and is the fourth largest shareholder of the Company.

Life Plan Support Program

For helping employees with asset building for a stable life after retirement, the Company started paying a life plan allowance in addition to the defined benefit industrial pension. It has also introduced a defined contribution pension system in order to improve the environment that allows its employees to work without anxiety.

Telework support

Aiming for workstyle reforms, the Company has gradually constructed an environment in which employees can telework from anywhere. Even under the circumstances of this pandemic, the transition to working from home was smoothly done.

Shin-yu Kai

The Kanaden Group has a mutual support organization called Shin-yu Kai. It is intended to promote friendship and support among employees. It organizes various club activities and events.

Events Details
Club Activities
Other Activities
Head Office
  • Visit to a theme park
  • Employees' trips
  • Dinner parties
  • Baseball Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Bowling Club
  • NPB annual box seats
  • J. League annual seats
  • Movie tickets
Kansai District Office
  • Employees' trips
  • Skiing tours
  • Golf competitions
  • Going to the theater
  • Baseball Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Fishing Club
Chubu Branch Office
  • Shoki-Barai (Beating the summer heat) events
  • Family events
  • Tennis Club
  • Fishing Club
  • Movie tickets
Kyushu Branch Office
  • Employees' trips
  • Golf competitions
  • Sports Club
  • Amusement Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Movie tickets
Tohoku Branch Office
  • Dinner parties
  • Bowling competitions
  • Marathon Club
  • NPB annual box seats