Kanaden's Value Creation

Value Creation Model

Kanaden will grow with customers and contribute to society as an electronics technology trading company.

Kanaden has cultivated various management resources across its over 100 year history. Based on our three principles of corporate value and code of conduct to "be preferred by customers and a contributor to society," "follow a sincere and ethical path," and "take on challenges and pursue innovation," we will maximize these management resources and combine our strengths in technological capabilities and human resources capabilities to coordinate technologies in order to solve the issues of our customers through business activities. By continuing these business activities, we can pursue Mission and Vision of the Kanaden Group while solving various social issues.

Contributing to SDGs Through Our Business Activities

"Fair management and social contributions" is a basic strategy designated in the CI-J-3 "Challenge & Innovation-Joint" medium-term management plan. In addition to promoting the medium-term management plan, we aim to make further contributions to resolving social issues through our business activities, and we have announced initiatives for SDGs.
Beginning with study meetings aimed at management and other employees to explain and promote the SDGs, we have implemented company-wide activities such as seeking ideas from each division to develop the business with a focus on the SDGs, and have made changes to the direction of the business going forward.

Company-wide themes for the SDG selection process

Pursuit of customer satisfaction

Improve corporate value of customers and develop industry by providing high value-added solutions
  • Provide solutions which lead to improved quality, efficiency, and value-added of customer's products and services.
  • Further brush up on accumulated manufacturing facility knowledge in order to contribute to solving customer problems and evolution of manufacturing.
  • Mitigate risks of human error and accidents through automation and the utilization of new technologies such as IoT/AI. Support the creation of workplaces that are both safe and provide employees a sense of pride in their work.
  • In addition to the manufacturing field, which is one of our current business areas, expand to provide solutions for automation and productivity improvement in the distribution/services fields, where labor shortages are growing more severe.

Creation of sustainable society

Construct a safe, secure, and comfortable sustainable social/industrial foundation
  • Provide equipment related to energy conservation, energy storage, energy production, and controls, etc. and total solutions for construction, maintenance and service.
  • Contribute to the spread of highly efficient, low environmental impact energy usage by providing equipment and systems to customers who supply and implement renewable energy.
  • Promote ZEB (Net Zero Energy Buildings) proposals and maintain balance between a more comfortable environment and limiting energy consumption.
  • Contribute to the stable operation of public transportation and the evolution towards more convenient and safer infrastructure for all people.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of societal and industrial foundations by providing monitoring, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation solutions in cases of climate-related disasters and natural disasters.

Improvement of QOL

Provide solutions utilizing digital technologies in the medical treatment and healthcare fields
  • Aim to increase the rate of penetration of advanced medical devices, including radiotherapy systems.
  • Aim to enhance medical treatment and healthcare by providing remote medical and monitoring solutions which utilize new technologies such as sensors, AI, and 5G.

Promoting the SDGs

Further enhancements to our technological capabilities, proposal capabilities, and ability to provide information are essential for our efforts to promote the SDGs under these three themes. In April 2020 a Business Management Office was set up within the Company with the aim of creating total solutions through strengthening cooperation between different divisions, and of discovering new businesses, and this Office is carrying out a variety of reforms.
Some of the initiatives aimed at strengthening proposal capabilities for total solutions are discussed on the next page.

Approach For Technology Reinforcement

1. Reorganization of engineering divisions

As part of the expansion of our business segments, we reorganized the engineering divisions that previously existed within business divisions to form a Solution Engineering Division that cooperates with all divisions. The Solution Engineering Division cuts across segments to resolve problems faced by customers, such as by strengthening proactive initiatives for robots, automation, IoT and AI, and by developing the solutions business in response to customer needs. The Division has hub functions that straddle different divisions, relating to discovering new materials, primarily on the engineering side, and to acquiring an accurate understanding of customer needs.
Kanaden will provide total solutions as a technology trading company, further strengthening its technological capabilities across all business divisions, the head office and branch offices.

2. Dealing with new needs

With the decline in Japan's working population, rising levels of environmental awareness, and workstyle reforms, the use of IoT to improve efficiency and productivity is becoming essential in all kinds of industries. We recognize the circumstances of both industries and customers, and propose total solutions that provide the optimal combination of technologies. This division will also make high value-added proposals to overall society based on a new mindset of thinking outside the box, such as by utilizing technologies used in one industry in another industry.

3. Promoting technical education

In order to nurture human resources capable of proposing total solutions that resolve the issues faced by customers, we opened a "Solutions School" in FY2019.
In growth fields such as robots, automation, IoT and AI, we seek to strengthen our solutions proposal capabilities through a combination of seminar-based training for students selected by the sales divisions nationwide and on-the-job training (OJT). In group seminars held a total of eight times over two years, we teach know-how that is useful in practical situations, such as explaining the solutions catalog and role-playing proposals. With regard to OJT, the Solution Engineering Division supports improvements to solutions proposal capabilities through the use of specific projects, such as by taking students along with them when visiting customers.

4. Providing information internally and externally

By providing information on new technology, solutions, and products through publications like "Solutions Catalog," "Kanasoru," and "Kanasoru Lite," we offer new insights and value, and contribute to solving the problems faced by customers.

"Solutions Catalog"

Focusing on the theme of smart factories, the first half of this two-part publication uses a comic book format to focus on the struggles of a Kanaden salesman to solve manufacturing problems, while the second half uses illustrations to introduce and explain case studies. It covers a wide variety of solutions, such as utilizing robots and AI for automation and efficiency improvements, the use of sensors for preventative maintenance of facilities, and strengthening security by employing AI for image recognition.

"Solutions Catalog"
"Kanasoru" & "Kanasoru Lite"

"Kanasoru" is a monthly publication for technical news. It raises and discusses solutions that can be used over a broad range of industries. As a special publication for technical news issued twice a month "Kanasoru Lite" provides timely and relevant information to employees.