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Building Facilities

The Building Facilities Business deals with power supply units, elevators and escalators, building management systems and photovoltaic generation equipment as well as energy-efficient LED lighting, air conditioners, residential facilities equipment and low-temperature equipment.

Facilities Equipment

Building Management Systems

Air Conditioning Management System Central Controller
Hands-Free Authentication Device

Building management systems help to improve the energy efficiency of a building and reduce labor for operation and management. We propose systems that are sought by customers, such as those for the integrated management of building facilities and security, those for facility management and those for remote management based on remote inspections.

Power Supply Systems

We deal with a wide variety of equipment necessary for receiving and distribution facilities ranging from extra-high voltage facilities to low-voltage ones. We propose emergency power generators, uninterrupted power supplies (UPSs), lithium ion storage batteries and other optimal systems that protect equipment from power supply issues to support a stable power supply.

Extra-High Voltage System
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
Lithium-Ion Storage Batteries

Elevators and Escalators

We offer a broad array of elevators and escalators to answer customers’ needs. Elevators have energy-efficient, high-speed safety and comfort features while escalators have excellent functions and design and feature enhanced safety.

Photovoltaic Generation Equipment

We deal with photovoltaic related products, such as high efficiency panels, power conditioners, cubicles and lithium ion storage batteries from different manufacturers to provide comprehensive proposals on photovoltaic generation systems.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Lighting is responsible for around 25% of the power consumption in office buildings. We positively propose LED lighting that enhances both energy conservation and ease of maintenance.

Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner for Business Use (four-direction ceiling cassette)
Packaged Air Conditioner for Computer Rooms

We propose air conditioning systems that are best suited to applications, such as stores, offices, factories and warehouses. We meet customers’ needs with our extensive lineup of equipment, including multiple air conditioners incorporating the latest technologies for energy conservation, package air conditioners for computer rooms ideal for server rooms and replacement air conditioners that make use of existing piping after being cleaned.

Low-Temperature Equipment

Refrigeration and Cooling System
Open Showcase

We deal with many different models of refrigeration and cold storage equipment that supports quality control and physical distribution in the areas of food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We offer systems that are used close to our customers to contribute to food safety, including vacuum cooling systems that keep vegetables fresh for a long period of time and showcases for stores.

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