Building Facilities

Total support for issues concerning building facilities such as comfort improvement and environmental response

In addition to uninterruptible power supply systems, emergency generators, and solar power generation systems, we are also working on LED lighting based on energy conservation, air conditioning and refrigerating equipment, and residential facilities equipment as well as building management systems, energy management systems, and ZEB solutions.

  • Safety and reassurance
  • BCP
  • Energy conservation
  • Visualization

Facilities Equipment

We provide building management systems which contribute to building energy conservation and labor saving in operational management, emergency generators and uninterrupted power supply systems required for BCP measures, lift equipment such as elevators and escalators, solar power generation systems and LED lighting that contribute to energy generation and energy conservation. We propose a wide range of equipment and solutions required for building operation according to customer needs.

  • Hands-Free Authentication Device

  • Air Conditioning Management System Central Controller

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

  • Elevator

  • Escalator

  • LED Lighting

Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment

We provide the optimal air conditioning system according to the application such as retail, office, factory, or warehouse, etc. as well as a wide range of industrial freezing and refrigeration equipment to support quality control and distribution in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical fields, etc. We contribute to food and housing safety in everyone's immediate vicinity through vacuum cooling equipment that protects the freshness of vegetables for a long time before shipping and retail showcases, multi air conditioners which achieve energy conservation with the latest technologies, and high-efficiency/high-capacity heat pump chillers, etc.

  • Air Conditioner for Business Use (four-direction ceiling cassette)

  • Air-Cooling Heat Pump Chiller

  • Refrigeration and Cooling System

  • Open Showcase

ZEB Solutions

In July 2019, we obtained the ZEB Planner certification, and we are supporting the introduction of ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) by building owners. ZEB simultaneously realizes a reduction in the environmental load through energy conservation and BCP measures during a disaster while maintaining building comfort. KANADEN provides a one-stop service for everything from ZEB design proposals to post-operation energy conservation support, including creating systems which use various energy conservation products, such as air conditioning, ventilation, hot water supply, lighting, elevators, and escalators to help improve the customer’s building and corporate value.

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