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This site is managed and operated by KANADEN Corporation (hereinafter, “the Company”). Use of this site shall conform to the conditions described here.
In the event that you use this site, it shall be considered as an indication of consent to all of the following.
Moreover, in some cases the sites of our affiliated companies may include terms of use which differ from the terms of this site. In such cases, those sites shall comply with the terms of use of the corresponding sites.

General rules

This site is essentially provided for the convenience of our customers and may be used at the customers’ own responsibility for non-commercial purposes only.

Prohibited matters

Acts which would cause damage or be detrimental to the interests of a third party or the Company or acts which would be detrimental to the trust or reputation of a third party or the Company, including acts which may lead to such outcomes, are prohibited.

Copyrights, etc.

The information, details, trademarks, copyrights concerning logo marks and other marks, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights listed on this site belong to the Company or its customers unless otherwise specified.
The reuse or duplication, etc. of all or part of this web site as-is or with modifications in a manner which exceeds the scope which is explicitly permitted according to personal use or other laws without obtaining prior written approval from the Company is prohibited.


  • In posting content on this site, the Company has exercised great care regarding the details and features, etc. However, this does not constitute a guarantee nor shall the Company bear any responsibility whatsoever regarding whether the content details are accurate, contain the latest information, or are safe. Moreover, the Company may amend, modify, add to, suspend, or delete, etc. this site or the information posted on it at any time without notice.
  • The investor relations information on this website is intended to provide financial information and management indicators about. KANADEN Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). The Company does not make any statements or guarantees regarding the information. Publication of the information on this website is not intended to solicit investments. You are requested not to rely completely on the information provided on this website when making investment decisions, but to make such decisions at your own discretion.
  • The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever even in the unlikely event that a user suffers an inconvenience or damage as a result of using this site or its content.

Operation of this website

The Company may suspend or discontinue operation of this website or change the information on it without prior notice.
This website may not be reliably available depending on the communication environment, the status of your computer and other reasons. Please note that under no circumstances will the Company accept any liability or responsibility for any problems, losses or damages arising therefrom.

About links to this website

If you wish to post a link to this site, please obtain prior approval from the Company.
In some cases, a link may be posted from this site to a third-party site, and in other cases from a third-party site to this site. In either case, the content on a third-party site is managed and operated under the responsibility of the third party, and the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any inconvenience or damages occurring as a result of its use.

Customer information provision

Except in the case where the Company separately requests on this site the provision of confidential or otherwise proprietary information possessed by the customer (This includes customer technologies, sales, product, and other customer ideas. Hereinafter, referred to as ""relevant information."" ), the Company declines to receive relevant information provided by customers.
Even in the unlikely event that the Company is provided with such information by a customer under conditions which do not clearly state that the Company bears a special obligation of confidentiality, the Company shall bear no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of such information. In addition, the Company shall bear no obligation to use or evaluate such information.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of this site as well as the interpretation and application of the usage conditions shall conform to the laws of Japan unless otherwise specified.
Moreover, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction concerning all disputes involving the use of this site.

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