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We seek to persist as the partner of preferred choice who knows its customer best by strengthening cooperation with our partner and Group companies while also creating high value-added original solutions.
We will aim to become an “Electronics Solutions Company” that realizes sustainable growth by flexiblyresponding to societal changes and contributing to solving social issues.

Corporate History

Corporate History

About Electronics Solutions Company

Electronics Solutions Company

KANADEN's Business Foundation

We have built a history of 116 years in four well-balanced segments with sound management that combines solidity and growth potential.

4 Business Fields: Factory Automation Systems, Building Facilities, Infrastructure, Information & Communications Equipment
Ratio of sales

Medium-Term Management Plan “ES-C2025”

Basic Policy

Become an Electronics Solutions Company that contributes to solving social issues and realizes sustainable growth through SDG initiatives

  • Continue to be a partner of preferred choice that knows its customers best.
  • Pursue strategies with a focus on growth while allocating the necessary management resources proactively.
  • Expand value-added businesses and seek to improve profitability.
Profitability and business continuity, Business foundation and growth potential, Trust and confidence

Basic Strategy

  1. Strengthen competitiveness by deepening understanding and facilitating evolution.
  2. Continue to strengthen initiatives with a focus on high growth areas going forward to solve social issues.
  3. Promote the KANADEN DX (digital transformation).
  4. Create a culture and scheme in which diverse individuals can demonstrate their performances to the full.
  5. Implement strategic investment policies.
  6. Execute fair management.

SDGs to which it contributes


Numerical targets (FY2025)

Numerical targets graph
Operating profit:
57 billion yen
Operating profit ratio:
4.5% or higher
8.0% or higher
Achievement of sales of
10.0 billion yen through strategic investments, etc.

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