Factory Automation Systems

Providing total solutions to increase productivity at manufacturing sites

Factory Automation Systems Business provides Factory Automation equipment, beginning with automation systems that contribute to improved quality and efficiency on manufacturing sites, as well as mechatronics products such as electrical-discharge and laser processing machines for micromachining applications, electrical facilities for factory plant and instrumentation.
By offering solutions for manufacturing line automation, monitoring and control of production facilities and so on, we work to be able to contribute to the evolution of manufacturing.

  • Automation
  • Quality improvement
  • Energy conservation
  • Visualization

Factory Automation

We provide sequencers, inverters, AC servos, robots, and other control system and drive system FA components, sensing equipment that detects and measures various changes that occur at production sites, as well as breakers, magnets, gauges, transformers, and other power distribution control equipment to ensure the safety of electrical facilities. Moreover, we propose automation through information sharing and the systematization of various equipment to help improve the productivity of manufacturing sites.

  • Sequencer

  • AC Servo

  • Inverter


  • transformer

  • MDU breaker

Industrial Systems

We provide system solutions that combine pressure sensors, flow rate sensors, and other industrial gauges and wireless sensors that integrate the communication functions with the sensor, power monitoring package software development, system development according to customer requests, and measuring instruments that measure the product power and waveform, etc. We provide total support for product inspections and quality inspections at manufacturing sites.

  • Wireless Sensor (Sushi Sensor)

  • Total Production Control System

  • Direct Current Power Supply

Industrial Mechatronics

To meet the need for high-precision and high speed required at manufacturing sites, we provide electrical discharge machines that realize microscopic high-precision machining of molds and laser processing machines that are capable of high-speed sheet metal processing. We support the resolution of issues such as manufacturing site automation and production efficiency improvement.

  • Electrical Discharge Machine

  • Laser Processing Machine

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