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Factory Automation Systems

The Factory Automation Systems Business deals with factory automation equipment that contributes to improved production line quality and productivity, with laser processing machines for applications in micromachining, with electrical-discharge machines and with other mechatronics products.


FA Control Components

We offer sequencers, inverters, AC servos, robots and other control systems and drive systems essential to factory automation. In response to needs from manufacturers for automation and rationalization, we engage in comprehensive coordination services including the systematization and introduction of equipment.

Display Units
AC Servo

FA Sensors


We provide sensing equipment that detects and measures different changes that occur in manufacturing processes and offer engineering support for data linkage with control systems.

Power Distribution Control Components

We offer a broad lineup of power distribution control equipment for ensuring the safety of electrical facilities, such as breakers, magnets, measuring instruments and transformers, and measuring devices that make wattage recognizable.

MDU Breaker
Electronic Multi-Indicator

Industrial Systems

System Solutions

We combine industrial measuring instrument such as pressure sensors and flow rate sensors, and wireless sensors equipped with both sensor and telecommunication functions to build wireless process control systems that visualize manufacturing processes,thereby offering solutions for the monitoring and control of manufacturing practices in the food and chemical sectors. We are also ready for the development of package software for power monitoring and other systems matched with customers' requests.

Measurement Solutions

High levels of quality and safety are required from manufacturing of electric appliance products. We provide fundamental measuring instruments for gauging wattages and waveforms concerning products as well as environmental testing systems that analyze the impact of temperature, vibrations and other environmental factors on the product for support in product inspection and quality management.

High Precision Wattmeter
Waveform Measuring Instrument
Direct Current Power Supply

Industrial Mechatronics

Electrical Discharge Machine
Laser Processing Machine

For responding to the needs of manufacturers for greater precision and speed, we offer electrical discharge machines for the high precision fine machining of metal molds and laser processing machines for high speed sheet metal working.

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