About Us

Corporate Outline

Registered Trade Name


Date of Establishment

May 15, 1907

Established as Kanagawa Electric Limited

Dec. 18, 1912

Kanagawa Electric Corporation (Shares issued)

Oct. 1, 1990

Trade name changed to Kanaden Corporation


Nobuyuki Motohashi, president


Triton square z, 1-8-12, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-6215

Scope of Business

  1. Manufacturing and sales of various types of electrical machinery, electronic machinery, communications machinery, and related components and materials
  2. Manufacturing and sales of machinery & equipment, mining machinery, railway and ship machinery, aviation machinery, machining tools, office equipment, physicochemical machinery, optical instruments, medical equipment & devices, environmental and hygiene equipment, freezing and air-conditioning equipment, gas equipment, building- and housing-related products, and other general machinery and tools, and related components and materials
  3. Sales of measurement instruments and scale equipment
  4. Sales of alloys, electrical wiring, metals, electrical materials, magnetic materials, rubber products, paper products, textiles, oils and fats, chemicals, lumber and other miscellaneous goods
  5. Sales of high-pressure gas and gas containers
  6. Manufacture and sales of cast-metal items
  7. Drafting of plans for above-mentioned machinery, equipment, products and components, as well as designing and supervision of the production thereof
  8. Leasing and sales of real estate
  9. Sales of non-life insurance and insurance agency operations authorized under the Automobile Liability & Security Law
  10. Communication business
  11. Secondhand & recycling business
  12. Labor dispatch business
  13. All other business & activities related to the categories listed above.

Paid-in Capital

Paid-in Capital and Shares of Common Stock Issued and Outstanding

Paid-in Capital


Total Number of Shares Authorized To Be Issued

90 million shares

Shares of Common Stock Issued and Outstanding


  • As per the Articles of Association, the number of shares per unit is one hundred.


Number of Employees

631 (Consolidated : 868)

Average Age (years)


Average Length of Service (years)


  • As of April 1, 2020

Licensing and Registration

1. Construction Licensing

(1) Licensing No.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (License No. 5725, special 2)

(2) Qualifying fields

Special category: Electrical engineering, plumbing and machine installation, telecommunications

(3) Licensing date

September 1, 2020

2. Registration as Electrical Engineer Service Provider

Minister of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry License No. 46247

3. Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

(1) Certification organization

AUDIX Registrars Inc.

(2) Certification No.


(3) Date of initial registration

October 4, 2020

(4) Date of renewal registration

October 4, 2020

(5) Date of expiry

October 3, 2023

(6) Qualified standard

ISO 14001:2015 / JIS Q 14001:2015

(7) Registered sites

Semiconductor & Device Division
Kansai District Office(Electronic systems Department Device Section)
Chubu Branch Office(Electronic systems Department Device Section)
Kyushu Branch Office(Semiconductor & Device Department)