Transportation business

Supporting the construction of environmentally friendly railway infrastructure that is safe and reassurance

For railway operators, we provide electric products for rolling stock, substation equipment for receiving electric power, and telecommunication equipment.
Moreover, we support the construction of safe and reassurance railway infrastructure by proposing DX solutions to meet the need to increased business efficiency and work improvements, etc.

  • Safety and reassurance
  • BCP
  • Quality improvement
  • Environmental response

Vehicle air conditioning

Railways are the most familiar and environmentally friendly means of transportation to us. In addition to drive and control electric products for railway rolling stock, brake products, and safety equipment which boast high reliability, we provide Train Vision (in-train information displays) systems and air conditioning equipment, etc. to contribute to rolling stock safety and comfort.

  • Vehicle air conditioning

Facilities and Information and Communication Equipment

We offer receiving substation facilities, station power distribution facilities, train radio systems and other information and communication equipment indispensable to safe train operations.
In addition, we deal with wireless microphones for railway stations, photovoltaic generation systems, LED lighting and more to help achieve comfort and energy conservation in railway stations.
Displaying bus departure times and seating availability information, bus signage systems help to increase customers' convenience.

  • Bus departure time signage (installed at two locations in the arrival lobby on the first floor of Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal)

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