Social Infrastructure business

Contributing to the strengthening of social infrastructure by providing solutions for intensifying natural disaster measures and safe public transportation systems

We provide traffic safety systems, air-traffic control systems, local disaster-damage prevention systems, solar power generation systems and lithium-ion batteries that contribute to the development of social infrastructure. We work to build systems for society that support safe, secure, and convenient living.

  • Safety and reassurance
  • BCP
  • Energy conservation and energy generation
  • Visualization

Safety and reassurance

We offer products that increase road safety and realize energy conservation such as road display panels and LED road lighting fixtures. Moreover, we contribute to the construction of safe and secure social infrastructure through systems that automatically record traffic accidents which occur at intersections, in-vehicle video recording systems, and emergency radio systems, etc.

  • LED traffic light

  • LED Road Lighting Fixture

The Environment and Energy

The distributed power sources we offer, combining large-scale photovoltaic generation systems and large-scale electricity storage systems, are widely used. We also offer quick chargers for electric vehicles, energy-saving equipment, and other energy solutions that are helping to realize a lowcarbon society.

  • Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles

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