Human Resources Policy

As we aim to become an "Electronics Solutions Company," the source of our competitiveness is our human resources. To attain sustainable growth of the Group and medium- to long-term improvement of its corporate value, we have formulated the Human Resources Policy and carry out measures based on the policy.

Build a career path that suits you

  • Working is an integral part of living.
  • That is why we want you to build a career path that suits you.
  • We will support your proactive action.

Fair reward for your efforts

  • Taking action is KANADEN’s value.
  • Age, gender or experience do not matter.
  • We will offer opportunities for those willing to challenge themselves.

Each one of you is a key player

  • The intersection of diverse values, gender and lifestyles is an origin of innovation.
  • Satisfaction in work and life causes new corporate value.
  • We aspire to be a company where you can leverage your talent.

Take on new challenges and have courage to innovate

The company and individuals will share philosophy to run a virtuous cycle of job satisfaction and growth.
Proactive thinking and acting is a quality essential to any rank or duties. It is a guideline for human resource development.

Human Resources Initiatives

On the basis of the idea that the quality enhancement of every single employee is indispensable to the Group's development, the Company provides level-specific training and individual training to positively cultivate a wide variety of personnel.

Improving Mindset

Lectures by Directors / Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Exective Officers

  • Creation of an organizational culture for human resources development

Training for OJT leaders and mentors

  • Understanding of roles of OJT leaders and mentors
  • Key points for instruction and basic steps, and acquiring skills to put them into practice

Overseas training (Training members for international business)

  • Developing human resources equipped with a global perspective, as well as the ability to think independently and take appropriate action, in order to strengthen the overseas business


  • Setting themes aimed at strengthening/enhancing organizational capabilities
  • Setting themes aimed at achieving sustainable growth

Improving Skills

Technical education

  • Solutions School
  • Technical education at each division

Correspondence education (Public lectures by external training institutions)

  • Providing lectures in a variety of categories as part of our personal development initiatives

Level-Specific Training

Training for new department managers Training for new department managers to understand the basic processes of strategy formulation and grasp the objective status of one's own company and department as well as to improve their leadership skills as a department manager
Training for new section managers Training for new section managers to understand the expected roles of section managers to fulfill and understand the basics of completion of targets and subordinate training
Training for middle-ranking employees (each level) Training to improve the skills of middle-ranking employees required for each level based on their role definition
Training for young employees Training to develop young employees for their first three years in the Company
Training for new employees Training to teach the basics for new business workers

Human Resources Development

With respect to developing professionals who think and act autonomously, the Company strives to enhance its training and education systems with the aims of enhancing the quality of each and every employee as well as further strengthening its organizational capabilities.
We have made a list of training video footage available on the “Education Library” internal training portal site, thereby enabling employees to freely participate in training at any time or location, arranging an environment conducive to employees undergoing necessary training when engaged in telework, and otherwise promoting establishment of an environment for developing professionals.

Social Contribution Activities

Sponsorship of Robot Idea Koshien

KANADEN sponsored the 2019 Robot Idea Koshien held by the Japan Factory Automation & Robot System Integrator Association. We are supporting activities which allows the young generation who will shape the future to gain an interest in robots and robot systems and consider an occupation in robotics as one option.

Sponsorship of Student Formula

KANADEN sponsored the 2021 Formula SAE Japan competition (19th) held by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. Based on the assumption that participating universities are start-up companies developing a racing car, students compete in a formula-style racing car that they build themselves.
We support activities that lead to the invigoration of engineering education by means of a competition that uses vehicles as its subject matter, and which is aimed at the generation that will be the future driver of Japan's manufacturing industry.

Sponsorship of Yokohama National University American Football Team

KANADEN supports the activities of Yokohama National University American Football Team, MASTIFFS, which is a Division 1 team of the Kantoh Collegiate American Football Association. Through supporting student sports, we aim to contribute to the development of the next generation of talent who possess discipline and teamwork skills.

Positive Work Environment

Our efforts to “create a culture and scheme in which diverse individuals can demonstrate their performances to the full” have involved introducing various programs in striving to create workplace environments that are supportive of employees who embrace a stance of taking on new challenges.


Child care support

The Company provides a certain level of financial support for raising children from the moment of birth to graduation from university.

Educational Support

The Company offers a certain level of financial support for employees with children at university, junior college and vocational school in consideration of the heavy economic burden.

Introduction of childcare leave

The Company introduced a distinctive childcare leave program.
Established for employees planning to have a child and employees raising children prior to the child’s entry into elementary school, the program allows such employees to take up to five days off per year for each child in addition to their annual paid leave, for the sake of enabling such employees to support a spouse’s childbirth and to assume childcare responsibilities.
In addition, we also have a flextime system for employees who are raising children up through the sixth grade (up through the third grade mandated by law), thereby enabling employees who are fathers and mothers to make the most of their abilities.

Voice of Employees

Voice of Employees

Actions for enhancing workplace environments

To create workplace environments that develop and energize diverse personnel, we are working to develop internal programs that workers are able to take advantage of according to the events in their lives, such as the birth of a child or their raising children. They include a maternity and paternity leave program and a childcare leave program. We are also introducing a hot desking system in our offices to stimulate natural communication between employees and a teleworking program that enables them to work in any place.

Changing the ICT environment to improve efficiency and productivity

We are pushing ahead with the KANADEN DX project. In this project, we are reviewing business systems, introducing operations support systems to increase operational efficiency and working to improve data analysis and utilization functions.
We are also enriching communication tools and constructing a teleworking environment to encourage flexible workstyles.

Employee Shareholding Association

The employee shareholding association is a system for helping employees with regular acquisition and holding of the Company's shares and with medium- and long-term asset building. The Company provides its employees affiliated with the association with an incentive amounting to 10% of the cost for share acquisition.
Currently, the association has over 80% of employees as members and is the fourth largest shareholder of the Company.

Life Plan Support Program

For helping employees with asset building for a stable life after retirement, the Company started paying a life plan allowance in addition to the defined benefit industrial pension. It has also introduced a defined contribution pension system in order to improve the environment that allows its employees to work without anxiety.

Shin-yu Kai

The KANADEN Group has a mutual support organization called Shin-yu Kai. It is intended to promote friendship and support among employees. It organizes various club activities and events.

Office Events Details Club Activities Other Activities
Head Office
  • Visit to a theme park
  • Employees' trips
  • Dinner parties
  • Baseball Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Bowling Club
  • NPB annual box seats
  • J. League annual seats
  • Movie tickets
Kansai District Office
  • Employees' trips
  • Skiing tours
  • Golf competitions
  • Going to the theater
  • Baseball Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Fishing Club
Chubu Branch Office
  • Shoki-Barai (Beating the summer heat) events
  • Family events
  • Tennis Club
  • Fishing Club
  • Movie tickets
Kyushu Branch Office
  • Employees' trips
  • Golf competitions
  • Futsal Club
  • Movie tickets
Tohoku Branch Office
  • Dinner parties
  • Bowling competitions
  • Marathon Club
  • NPB annual box seats

Progress achieved in meeting objectives of general employer action plan

Number of employees and ratio of female employees, results & target

Ratio of paid leave taken, results & target

Responsibility as a Member of Society

Corporate Ethics Guidelines

The KANADEN Group engages in its corporate activities in a fair and impartial manner as set forth in its Corporate Ethics Guidelines, which have been established to define important principles that are to be adhered to in the course of engaging in corporate activities.

Corporate Ethics Guidelines

Volunteer Activities

Disaster relief donation contribution standards

KANADEN contributes donations when disasters designated as "specified emergency disasters" or otherwise severe disasters occur. In fiscal 2019, we contributed donations for the affected people and areas of the 2019 East Japan Typhoon.

Volunteer leave program

Recently, there has been growing interest in volunteering to contribute to society and local communities, preserve the natural environment, provide disaster relief and achieve other purposes. We have introduced a volunteer leave program to free employees from time constraints and help them participate in volunteer activities.

Promote community invigoration

KANADEN sponsored WASSHOI HYAKUMAN NATSU MATSURI held in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture as we value our connection with this community.

Volunteer activities for community cleanup

KANADEN is participating in community cleanup activities as well as cleaning activities around our workplace.