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KANADEN is driving many businesses in the electronics field.
This is an introduction to the business model and strengths of KANADEN, which continues to undertake various initiatives.

From an electronics technology trading company
To Electronics Solutions Company

In order to become the kind of company that is trusted by customers and the first to be consulted with when something happens such that customers say, "if I call on KANADEN, they will help me with whatever I need," we have helped solve customer issues by adapting to the needs which change with the times. Going forward, we will continue to be the “partner of preferred choice” for our all customers and contribute to “solving social issues” by solving customer issues.
In addition, through our SDG initiatives, we will propose the optimal solutions which lead to enhanced customer corporate value, realize sustainable growth, and contribute to the development of "manufacturing" going forward to become the "Electronics Solutions Company" which we aspire to.

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