KANADEN's Strengths

KANADEN's strengths that support value creation

KANADEN has continued to take on challenges and pursue innovation on the front lines as an electronics solutions company. Here we break down our strengths into the following keywords.

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    Favored with good customers

    Creating positive cycles where trust from customers creates new business


    Our biggest strength lies in the fact that we have always had incredible customers.
    We are able to generate new business by gaining the trust of our customers.
    We have furthermore grown along with our customers while maintaining this positive cycle.
    We will continue to engage in corporate activities undertaken with the notion of increasing our customers’ corporate value in mind, underpinned by our objective of persistently serving as the “Preferred Partner” of our customers.

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    The Presence of Partner Companies

    Borrowing from the wisdom of partner companies to cultivate win-win relationships


    Borrowing from the wisdom of partner companies to cultivate win-win relationships
    We refer to the manufacturers, vendors, and engineering companies that support us to provide solutions to our customers as our partner companies.
    We accomplish our work by borrowing wisdom from our partner companies while searching for what’s necessary to meet customers’ demands and also address social issues.
    We will keep striving to strengthen our partnerships to ensure mutual win-win relationships.

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    Human Resources

    KANADEN’s driving force derives from its sincere employees equipped with a passion for technology and excellent human qualities


    We are not set up to manufacture products sought by our customers given that we are a trading company not equipped with manufacturer functions.
    Therefore, an important element of our enterprise is our human resources who make optimal proposals based on their understanding of customer needs.
    People with excellent human qualities who are equipped with substantial communication skills in connecting with customers and partner companies, along with an insatiable passion for technology can come up with solutions to challenges.
    Such human resources form the core of the Company and serve as the driving force for increasing its corporate value.

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    Capable of creating technologies and proposing optimal solutions


    Our aims as an Electronics Solutions Company entail bringing together the Company’s technologies and expertise with that of its partner companies, creating optimal technologies for our customers, and providing high value-added solutions.
    We will continue to serve as the Preferred Partner of our customers as we gain technological capabilities that enable us to make proposals for increasing our customers’ corporate value.

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    116-year History

    116 years working together with customers, supported by the ability to respond flexibly during times of emergency


    We have managed to sustain our business over the long term since our founding in 1907 because we have been able to persistently engaged in business with incredible customers.
    We have remained in business for 116 years since our founding because we have continued to evolve with our customers without encountering limitations when a customer expands into a new area of business.
    Having experienced the ravages of war and disasters, our ability to respond flexibly during times of emergency has provided solid foundations to the Company.
    Today’s KANADEN is underpinned by the long path laid by our predecessors.

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    Stable Financial Base

    We overcome global economic crises through sound management that combines consistency with growth potential


    Having maintained a stable financial standing for a quarter of a century, we take pride in serving as one of the most soundly managed companies in the industry.
    This is particularly evident when it comes to our stringent adherence to quantitative targets in terms of our equity ratio baseline of at least 50%.
    Even amid highly volatile economic conditions internationally thus far, we have been able to successfully assess circumstances at any given time then accordingly adapt to changes in the business environment. As such, the notion that we have been able to overcome difficult times is attributable to our sound management that combines consistency with growth potential.

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    Wide Range of Business Segments

    Engaging in our core business while always looking ahead of the times


    We engage in a wide range of business segments.
    These segments consist of: “Factory Automation Systems,” which handles factory automation; “Building Facilities,” which introduces the latest equipment that fully utilizes technologies into buildings; “Infrastructure,” which engages in construction of social infrastructure such as public transportation systems, and; “Information & Communications Equipment,” which incorporates new technologies into the fields of information and communications as well as semiconductors and devices.
    Furthermore, we continue to create complex solutions for each business area and take on the challenge of entering new business segments.

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