For Shareholders and Investors

A Message from the President

President: Nobuyuki Motohashi

The Kanaden Group's mission is to contribute to the development of a sound and dynamic society supported by good manufacturing. In the CI-J-3 (Challenge & Innovation-Joint) three-year medium-term management plan, of which fiscal 2020 is the final year, we are working hard on strategies with a focus on growth under the "joint" theme based on the concept of making the plan's period a fruitful three years that will lead to concrete results in the years following fiscal 2020.

In CI-J-3, we are working on three basic strategies: expanding business areas, strengthening the management base and fair management and social contribution. In the expanding business areas strategy, we are expanding the area of business proposed to customers by further enhancing the system solution business beyond the simple sales of single items of equipment and products for the purpose of further broadening and deepening connections with every customer. To become a true electronics technology trading company, it is essential to further strengthen our technological capabilities, and we are enhancing proposals of high value-added solutions combined with technologies in all business areas.
In the strengthening the management base strategy, we are continuously implementing the development and training of human resources by solidly investing in people. In addition, as a strategic investment, we are actively making business investments including M&A activities and pressing forward with the establishment of better infrastructure necessary for the improvement of operations and workstyle reforms. Moreover, as a member of society, we will contribute to the creation of a sound society by constantly practicing fair management and social contribution, a core value of the company.

As we pursue these initiatives, I sincerely ask for the continued support of all of our shareholders.