Semiconductors and Devices business

Providing semiconductors and electronic devices for various applications to a wide range of foreign and domestic markets

We provide the semiconductor and electronic device products that are essential to automobiles, industrial equipment, and telecommunications equipment. Moreover, we provide solutions which enable new forms of data utilization and linking through the evolution of AI and IoT devices and the introduction of 5G.

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  • AI and IoT


We provide power semiconductors that help make industrial equipment more efficient, compact, and lightweight as well as the network ICs and memory that are essential to the advancing network society. Moreover, we have an organization in place to support the Asian market through the overseas sites of the KANADEN Group.

  • Semiconductors

Electronic device

We provide various interface connectors used in a wide range of fields from the familiar information devices to robots and other industrial equipment as well as mechanical relays widely used in power supply control and safety circuits.

  • Connectors

  • Connectors for Wired LAN

Wireless solution

We design and develop wireless modules and provide wireless solutions that meet customer needs. In addition to our extensive lineup of wireless communication network products, we provide total support up to commercialization with our experience and technical capabilities.

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