About Us

The KANADEN Group Philosophy


Our Mission

- The Reason for Our Being

Creating Added-Value Products and Services for the Sound Development of Society and Industry

Our mission is to contribute to the development of a sound and dynamic society through the creation of added value grounded in the needs of our customers. Each and every employee is committed to continuously enhancing their skills and capabilities in order to realize this established mission and to deliver optimal solutions that promote the development of society and industry.


Our Vision

- The Goal to which We Aspire

The Partner of Preferred Choice Knows its Customers Best

Keeping an eye on the respective perspectives of individual customers, our goal is to become a company that knows its customers best. As a trading company that possesses truly unique electronics technologies, we endeavor to provide our customers with every possible benefit, as the best choice and as an essential partner, in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.



- Fundamental Principles of Corporate Value and Our Company Code of Conduct - What We Value the Most

Preferred by Customers and a Contributor to Society

Sound Management

We aim for sound growth that combines reliability with consistency.

Technology Trading Company

We aim to become a trading company with electronics technology that remains true to our mission, so that we are able to respond to every kind of need and expectation.

Enhancing Customer's Corporate Value

We enhance each customer's corporate value by providing solutions that best resolve their most basic issues and problems. In earning the confidence of all stakeholders, we work toward healthy growth and profitable development.

Follow a Sincere and Ethical Path

Open and Fair Management

We fulfill the expectations and garner the trust of all stakeholders through sound and sincere business practices grounded in high ethical standards.

Environmental Management

We protect and work in harmonious coexistence with the global environment and contribute to the development of a sustainable society in every aspect of our business activities.

Open and Dynamic Corporate Culture

We respect the individual rights of every employee, and work together to create a vital and rewarding workplace. We establish a supportive structure that enables employees to realize their dreams by achieving the highest objectives and ambitions.

Challenge and Innovation

Diversified Human Resource Training

We proactively strive to develop diversified human resources with a well-balanced and creative skill set through consistent efforts at enhancing employees' specialized expertise, capabilities to make sound judgment and problem solving skills.

Individual and Organizational Growth

We endeavor to enhance our corporate vitality by maintaining a bold stance toward new challenges and pursuing innovation with a courageous spirit for the development of individual and organizational growth.

Quality Assurance

We strictly adhere to the practice of planning, implementation, review and improvement by assessing the true nature of issues and responding quickly to environmental changes for the further development of our business activities.