Sustainability Policy

We will be highly mindful of and practice sustainability in all of our company activities,
with the goal of realizing a sustainable society and
increasing our corporate value as an electronics solutions company.

  1. We will work to resolve social and environmental issues through actions towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and through this achieve sustainable growth.

    • We will ubiquitize energy efficient devices and expand the renewable energy business to help achieve a low-carbon emission, recycling-oriented society.
    • We will contribute to the development of a safe and secure society through the social infrastructure business and the provision of solutions that monitor, prevent and mitigate natural disasters.
  2. We will implement fair and impartial management to earn the trust of society.

    • We will live up to the trust and expectations of all stakeholders through proper communication.
    • We observe laws and regulations and respect social norms as we conduct conscientious corporate activities.

To strengthen our sustainability efforts, we established a Sustainability Committee chaired by the representative director. The committee holds regular meetings to assist the Board of Directors in making appropriate decisions and providing proper oversight with regard to sustainability. Members conduct research on sustainability to deepen their insight, and the the results of the committee’s intensive deliberations are reported to the Board of Directors.

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