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Linking SDG contribution to the next stage of growth

Throughout its long history since its founding in 1907, the KANADEN Group has contributed to the development of manufacturing as key industries. We have likewise contributed to the development of society through our businesses during times of change, marked by IT breakthroughs and other technological innovations. Under the sustainability policies that the Company has committed to, we will leverage these assets from the past to contribute to solving social and environmental issues through our SDG initiatives and aim to become a company that is even more trusted by society through the practice of open and fair management. The basic policy of the “ES-C2025” Medium-term Management Plan, which we have been implementing since FY 2021, is to “become an Electronics Solutions Company that contributes to solving social issues and realizes sustainable growth through SDG initiatives.” We see providing solutions required for achieving the 17 SDGs as a business opportunity for the KANADEN Group and as our means to our next stage of growth.

Creating social value through technology and ingenuity

In 2023, the KANADEN Group redefined its mission (raison d’etre) as “Opening the Future with Technology and Ingenuity.” As various social issues such as labor shortages, aging population, and intensifying natural disasters due to climate change become more apparent, the KANADEN Group will contribute to solving these issues by combining our ingenuity based on expertise in a wide range of fields, including factory automation systems, building facilities, transportation, social infrastructure, semiconductors and devices, and imaging and information communications, with the technical capabilities of our partner companies to provide original, cross-business complex solutions. Our vision (ideal state), “Creating New Value for Society,” embodies our aspiration to not only solve social issues but also create new added value, and we will explore new areas of engagement to realize a sustainable society.

Further enhancing corporate value

We will accelerate our ESG efforts to promote sustainable growth of the KANADEN Group and enhance our corporate value in the medium to long term. We consider reducing environmental impact of our business activities, adapting to business model transformation through digital transformation, and strengthening human capital, including embracement of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as key issues that affect the corporate value of the Company, and we are undertaking measures to achieve them. Moreover, regarding governance, we will strengthen corporate governance and put a healthy and highly transparent form of management into practice while also having all employees maintain high ethical standards and ensure thorough compliance. In addition, we will also promote community contribution activities which value ties with the local community and the development of the next generation.

Through these activities, we aim to achieve the sustainable growth of both society as a whole and the KANADEN Group.

President (Representative Director) Nobuyuki Motohashi

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