About Us

Greetings from the President

President: Nobuyuki Motohashi

Management Policy of the Kanaden Group

The Kanaden Group's mission is to put ourselves in the customer's shoes and contribute to the development of a sound and dynamic society supported by good manufacturing. To achieve this mission, we have embraced a management philosophy in which each and every Group employee strives to improve quality and contributes to the development industry by offering optimal solutions to customers. Since Kanaden was founded in 1907, we have continued to pursue efforts aimed at continually enhancing the corporate value of our customers. In the years ahead, we will continue to pursue our goal of being a true electronics technology trading company that is appreciated by customers.

What are the Kanaden Group's strengths?

Since its founding in May 1907, the Kanaden Group has been able to continue its business for over 110 years. Thanks to the valued patronage of our customers, partners and subsidiary, and wish to express our sincere appreciation for their support. We consider our customers, partners and shareholders to be our greatest asset and indeed our "strength." Another thing is our hardworking employees, without whom we would not have earned the patronage of customers for so many years. Moving forward, we will continue our unceasing efforts to enhance corporate value to reward all stakeholders for their support.

Together with customers

As an electronics technology trading company, the Kanaden Group possesses technologies and expertise accumulated over many years. However, we are only able to create new value because we involve these technologies in the businesses of customers and work hand-in-hand with them. The Kanaden Group will continue to work with customers to create high value-added businesses fulfilling the needs of future society and contribute to the formation of a comfortable, safe, secure and prosperous society.