KANADEN’s Key Issues

KANADEN’s Key Issues

We identify social issues that have a significant impact on society as well as our stakeholders and management of the KANADEN Group. Our accumulated efforts to address such issues serve as growth drivers of the Group. Meanwhile, our efforts to earnestly address each and every one of our key issues help in solving social issues and enhancing the Kanaden brand.

Process for identifying Key Issues

  1. Step 1

    Come up with areas of business priority going forward from the perspectives of customer expectations/needs and ESG based on the KANADEN Group Philosophy.

  2. Step 2

    List business risks based on social demands and megatrends.

  3. Step 3

    Identify key issues upon classifying and categorizing risks.

  4. Step 4

    Make improvements through the PDCA process.

Approach to Key Issues

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Key Issues relevant to Business Growth

  • Streamlining industries

    We seek to improve productivity of industry by proposing automation solutions amid a scenario of a shrinking workforce given the declining birthrate and aging population.

  • Improving QOL

    We create comfortable living environments by proposing medical and infectious disease solutions that include radiotherapy systems, AI cameras, and air filtration equipment.

  • Developing more sophisticated social infrastructure

    We help create safe and convenient social infrastructure using system solutions.

  • Applying clean technologies

    We contribute to development of a decarbonized society and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions using new environmental technologies.

Key Issues relevant to Enhancing Competitive Advantages

  • Promoting DX

    We streamline operations and share information by upgrading in-house systems, while seeking to form consortiums with our partner companies.

  • Promoting and training solution-oriented professionals

    We seek to strengthen our proposal capabilities by promoting and training professionals who are proficient with respect to solutions.

  • Utilizing AI and IoT

    We propose new forms of value by strengthening our technological capabilities in the advanced digital society.

  • Building global networks

    We seek to propose value to a wider range of geographic regions by strengthening cooperation with our overseas affiliated companies.

Key Issues relevant to Strengthening Business Foundations

  • Co-creation with supply chains

    We seek to approach social issues from various angles by increasing our network of partner companies and strengthening our relationships with such companies.

  • Promoting diversity

    We implement measures to achieve positive cycles of job satisfaction and growth in alignment with our personnel policy.

  • Improving employee engagement

    We seek to increase employee motivation by engaging in workstyle reforms and promoting health management.

Key Issues relevant to Trust and Confidence

  • Contributing to a decarbonized society

    We promote initiatives for decarbonization while enhancing disclosure of information related to addressing climate change.

  • Ensuring stringent compliance

    We improve compliance throughout the Group based on our basic policy of “Follow a Sincere and Ethical Path.”

  • Strengthening governance

    We seek stringent governance throughout the Group by ensuring a high degree of transparency and enhancing disclosure.

  • Maintaining robust information security

    We educate and inform our employees while maintaining high levels of security against information leakage and external incursion.

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