Video and Telecommunications business

Providing high-quality video information solutions and electronic medical equipment utilizing AI and IoT

We provide video solution systems according to diverse needs, security systems and other telecommunications equipment, and electronic medical care systems for the medical field, etc. We contribute to image analysis using AI and IoT as well as solving customer issues in operational improvements.

  • High-precision
  • Visualization
  • AI and IoT
  • Medical care

Imaging solutions

We provide new imaging solutions that integrate AI cameras, IoT sensors, monitoring systems, and video management software. We are working to solve customer issues through application to new fields without getting caught up in the security framework.

  • AI-based identification of seating availability

  • Imaging system

Visual Systems

We provide the Diamond Vision, LED display systems for indoor use and other large-sized visual systems producing high image quality, signage systems for disaster prevention to support the safety and reassurance of social infrastructure and other visual systems as a means of communication according to situations where they are installed or for other purposes.

  • LED Display System for Indoor Use

Electronic Medical Care Systems

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Japan. It is a national challenge to solve it. One solution to this problem is radiotherapy. We offer the LINAC cutting-edge radiotherapy systems and other medical equipment to medical institutions aiming to provide high quality medical treatment.

  • Radiotherapy System

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