As an Electronics Solutions Company

We will contribute to sound development of
society enlisting our ability to create technology.

We seek to persist as the partner of preferred choice who knows its customer best by strengthening cooperation with our partner and Group companies while also creating high value-added original solutions.
We will aim to become an “Electronics Solutions Company” that realizes sustainable growth by flexibly responding to societal changes and contributing to solving social issues.

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6 Business Fields

Within each business area, we create product combinations based on specialized technologies and new solutions which combine multiple technologies instead of a single business.
Through our SDG initiatives, we propose the optimal solutions which lead to an increase in corporate value for customers, and we will contribute to solving social issues.

  • Factory Automation

    Providing total solutions to increase productivity at manufacturing sites

    We handle Factory Automation equipment including automation systems that contribute to improved quality and productivity as well as mechatronics products such as electrical-discharge and laser processing machines for micromachining applications, electrical equipment for plant facilities, and instrumentation systems, etc.

    Factory Automation

  • Building Facilities

    Total support for issues concerning building facilities such as comfort improvement and environmental response

    In addition to uninterruptible power supply systems and solar power generation systems, we are also working on LED lighting based on energy conservation, air conditioning equipment, and residential facilities equipment as well as building management systems, energy management systems, and ZEB solutions.

    Building Facilities

  • Transportation business

    Supporting the construction of environmentally friendly railway infrastructure that is safe and reassurance

    For railway operators, we offer electric products for rolling stock, substation equipment for receiving electric power, and telecommunication equipment. We are promoting our solutions business aimed at safety and reassurance in the Transportation Division, problem-solving for railway operators, and the realization of energy conservation promotion.

    Transportation business

  • Social Infrastructure business

    Contributing to the strengthening of social infrastructure by providing solutions for intensifying natural disaster measures and safe public transportation systems

    We provide traffic safety systems, air-traffic control systems, local disaster-damage prevention systems, solar power generation systems and lithium-ion batteries that contribute to the development of social infrastructure to government offices. We strive to build systems that support secure, safe, and convenient living.

    Social Infrastructure business

  • Semiconductors and Devices

    Providing semiconductors and electronic devices for various applications to a wide range of foreign and domestic markets

    We offer the optimal solutions to customers, starting with the semiconductors that are essential to industrial equipment, telecommunications equipment, and automobiles, etc. as well as electronic device products and the design and development of wireless modules which are expanding to various applications.

    Semiconductors and Devices

  • Video and Telecommunications business

    Providing high-quality video information solutions and electronic medical equipment utilizing AI and IoT

    We provide video, security systems, and other telecommunications equipment. We provide system construction utilizing images, which is expanding to AI and various other applications, as well as ICT/DX field operational improvements, and other solutions.

    Video and Telecommunications business

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