Kanadenʼs history is our history with our customers: What is expected of Kanaden in the future?

President Nobuyuki Motohashi

Kanaden was born in 1907 when one section of the trading department of Kanagawa Electric Lighting, which operated an electricity supply business in Yokohama, became independent. The Companyʼs pioneers created Kanagawa Electric Limited (currently Kanaden) based on a “venturous spirit.” Since then, Kanaden has been able to expand its business for over 100 years because we have supported our customersʼ manufacturing operations by deploying our sophisticated know- how and proposal capabilities while always looking from the perspective of customers. Our corporate culture of accurately identifying customer needs and resolving issues while flexibly responding to change and continuing to evolve has been passed down without interruption as we have constructed a solid relationship of trust with our customers.
In order to continue growing along with our customers, we believe that forming deeper and wider connections with customers and providing customers with comprehensive advantages are vital as an electronics technology trading company in its truest sense. I believe that the Kanaden Group is expected to contribute to the development of the industry through various solutions.

New initiatives to increase corporate value

We are using the relocation of the Head Office in August 2019 as an opportunity to concentrate Head Office functions which had been dispersed up until now, strengthen information sharing and cooperation among business divisions, and promote initiatives for workplace environment improvements and workstyle reforms while also enhancing operational efficiency and endeavoring to transform the mindset of employees. We are making progress with new initiatives, such as building the internal infrastructure and reforming human resource systems to strengthen the management base, and launching the New Business Creation Project. We believe that strengthening the management base and creating an open corporate culture will form a better workplace environment and improve employee motivation. In addition to these initiatives, we are accelerating business restructuring and strengthening to expand Group synergies and increase corporate value.

SDGs-conscious management and Kanadenʼs initiatives

In recent years, the role of companies in addressing the environmental and social issues has gained even more importance. The Kanaden Group has also begun initiatives for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We clarified themes based on SDGs which are closely related to the Groupʼs business and enacted a company-wide initiative policy. In the future, we aim to formulate more tangible objectives and an action plan.
We are engaged in business activities while being mindful of improving corporate value and achieving sustainable growth from the perspective of the environment, society, and governance. In terms of the environment, we are selling products which have a low environmental impact, providing solutions to improve the efficiency of customer facilities, and participating in environmental conservation activities. In terms of society and governance, we will strengthen corporate governance and implement sound, transparent management while also aiming to establish compliance wherein all employees hold high ethical values. At the same time, we will promote community contribution activities which value our connection with local communities. Furthermore, as part of our efforts to strengthen our base for sustainable growth, we are also focused on human resources development and establishing a system and an environment which lead employees to feel pride in their work.
Reading social issues and needs beforehand and providing solutions give purpose to the Kanaden Group. We will continue and advance both internal and external initiatives to contribute to the creation of the sustainable society envisioned in the SDGs.