Improving Solutions Proposal Capabilities and Developing Human Resources

It is essential that we come up with new solutions for addressing social issues in order to achieve the targets of the “ES-C2025” medium-term management plan. We accordingly seek to improve our ability to propose solutions by developing professionals who serve as the source of our competitiveness and by strengthening alliances with our partner companies. In so doing, we will help to resolve social issues such as Japan’s declining workforce and environmental concerns.
Moreover, we will promote the development of total solutions by strengthening our solution-related divisions and bringing together the latest technologies laterally across divisions, thereby enabling us to become an “Electronics Solutions Company” capable of addressing increasingly complex needs and challenges.

Initiative 1 Initiatives aimed at strengthening technological capabilities

Whereas the Company’s proprietary technologies are currently individually dispersed, we will promote proposals for total solutions made possible by upgrading skills and integrating technologies through training of solution-oriented professionals in respective business fields.
Meanwhile, we will accelerate our efforts to enhance the Company’s workforce of solution-oriented professionals by working with partner companies equipped with specialized technologies and knowledge in order to bring in skills and knowledge lacking at the Company. We have been adding new partner companies including systems integrators since having established the Solution Engineering Division, and are currently establishing relationships with 195 companies. Going forward, we will enhance our ability to propose solutions by gaining new partner companies in four fields of business (robots and automation systems, IoT, imaging, AI) and by strengthening relationships with our existing partner companies.

Present: Dispersed technologies Future: Corporate target image

Initiative 2 Establishment of the Solution Sales Department

In April 2022, we established the Solution Sales Department within the Solution Engineering Division.
Prior to that, because our respective business segments lacked divisions dedicated to developing new business, we encountered issues where, depending on the volume of workload for serving existing customers, new business development would come to a standstill, particularly for initiatives into new industries. Now that we have established new development teams equipped with strengths in solutions that are not constrained by individual business units, we are accelerating our efforts to serve more fields of business by taking a focused approach to targets with the use of digital marketing and inside sales.

Expansion of the solutions business

Expansion of the solutions business

Initiative 3 Training solution-oriented professionals

We have been holding “Solutions School” technical education seminars since FY2019 in order to nurture human resources capable of proposing total solutions that resolve issues faced by customers.
We have accordingly been seeking to strengthen our ability to propose solutions by implementing both seminar-based training and on the job training for students selected from sales divisions nationwide, in relation to growth fields such as robots and automation, IoT, and video management systems (VMS). In our online seminars held four times per year, we teach know-how that is useful in practical situations such as through solution-based case studies on making proposals and role playing. With regard to on the job training, we have been improving our ability to propose solutions through implementation of specific projects. For instance, employees of the Solution Engineering Division provide support by having students accompany them when visiting customers.

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