Basic Viewpoint Concerning Compliance

Having cited its “Follow a Sincere and Ethical Path” basic policy on compliance, the KANADEN Group possesses high ethical standards and engages in sound and sincere business activities to fulfill the expectations and garner the trust of all stakeholders.
On that basis, all employees of the Group share the principle that “ethical conduct and compliance are the prerequisites for the existence of an enterprise” and accordingly fulfill their social responsibilities based on a high level of ethical values that goes beyond merely ensuring compliance.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the President and whose membership consists of Inside Directors and Executive Officers, discusses and implements initiatives for promoting compliance to ensure that the Company’s officers and employees act based on high ethical values.
Moreover, the Committee makes quarterly reports pertaining to compliance in each division, shares matters to be addressed as a company with the Risk Management Committee and implements its response.
The Committee reports progress to the Board of Directors regarding its activities as appropriate.

Corporate Ethics Hotline

The Group has the Corporate Ethics Hotline for whistleblowing to prevent unethical conduct and strengthen its self-purification function.
This hotline is available not only to the Group’s executives, employees contracted workers, part-time workers, etc., but also to those who have retired within the last year other than executives. Moreover, to protect whistleblowers from anxiety with extreme care, they can opt to contact an external attorney’s office so that they can be free from concerns about being identified.
For all the cases reported via the hotline so far, the Company has implemented thorough measures to protect the whistleblowers and strictly handled the cases in accordance with the Rules for Operation of the Corporate Ethics Hotline. The cases are investigated, starting with the confirmation of the facts and if any problem is identified, corrective action is swiftly taken and recurrence prevention measures are considered and implemented.

Corporate Ethics Hotline Flowchart

Organizational Initiatives

  • Training for Group employees
    In order to further raise awareness of the importance of compliance, the Company has prepared a manual on the laws and regulations relevant to its business activities and provides explanations on basic in-house rules and legal matters related to operations that the employees should know and understand.
    In addition, we use e-learning to supplement these explanations.
  • Questionnaire survey of partner companies regarding compliance
    For the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors and the Construction Business Act and preventing inappropriate transactions, we conduct an annual questionnaire survey of partner companies, which includes a question on whether they are compelled to engage in any inappropriate transactions. The survey contributes to ensuring compliance and promotion of fair transactions and prevention of risk.