Risk Management

Risk Management

Basic Viewpoint Concerning Risk Management

In order to forestall management crises and ensure the continuation and stable development of the business, risks for important matters related to the execution of business are evaluated and identified, deliberated at Management Meetings, and decided on by the Board of Directors.
We strengthen governance and effectively operate the internal control system on an ongoing basis, and the Risk Management Committee devises measures to deal with a variety of crises, which involves discussing precautionary measures to address general risk.
In the event of a state of emergency such as a natural disaster, accident or unforeseen incident occurring, the Company aims for important operations to continue uninterrupted, and even in the event of such interruptions taking place, for operations to resume in the shortest possible time. In order to deal with the initial stages promptly and appropriately, a Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters will be set up to devise countermeasures, and the Company implements an ongoing program of education and training in normal times.
Moreover, in order to protect our own information assets and the information assets entrusted to us by customers and suppliers from theft, falsification, damage, and leakage, and to manage them properly and securely, we have prescribed the Basic Policy on Information Security and operate it appropriately.
In addition to security measures at the system level, we seek to strengthen information security by implementing an ongoing program of education, development and training for employees, and handling information in an appropriate fashion.

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by an Officer in charge of management and whose membership consists of the General Manager of the Management Division and the General Manager of the Business Planning Division, pinpoints comprehensive risks, plans countermeasures, and executes plans as an organization that is in closer proximity to on-site operations.
By taking action serving as a company-wide organization, the Committee seeks to enhance sensitivity to risk throughout the Company while establishing a risk management framework.
The Committee serves as a framework for enabling swift action in the event of emergency by assessing and managing potential risk at hand during normal times.

Risks and Opportunities

In seeking to sustain medium- and long-term growth, we make ourselves aware of the KANADEN Group’s business risks and business opportunities by comparing changes in the external environment to the KANADEN Group’s business environment, identifying key issues based on that awareness, and incorporating such findings into strategies of our medium-term management plan.

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