S (Society)

Responsibility as a Member of Society

Initiatives for the Creation of Safe and Secure Urban Environments

Contributions to Society Through Healthcare Initiatives and Proposals for Safe and Secure Living

As part of our proposals for safe and secure living, we promote the creation of safe and secure urban environments and measures for preventing and dealing with natural disasters, provide high value-added solutions utilizing AI cameras and cutting-edge, high-resolution crime-prevention cameras to watch over local communities, propose the use of high-performance lithium ion batteries for UPS used for alert facilities utilized in the event of increasingly common natural disasters, as well as submitting proposals for hygiene control and solutions to deal with infectious diseases.
In our healthcare initiatives, as part of a new challenge for the Company, we are working to improve quality of life (QOL) by submitting proposals for advanced medical equipment such as radiotherapy systems and diagnostic imaging devices, proposing the use of monitoring and nursing care systems that utilize AI-based image analysis, and developing systems related to mental health care.
By working continuously to discover partner companies and develop new services and businesses, and by taking on the challenge of developing new technological innovations and business models, we cultivate the ability to create proposals so that we are able to adapt to circumstances even in the event of changes in mainstay products and customers, and aim to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Transport Infrastructure Initiatives

In terms of initiatives for safety and security, the Company is submitting a variety of proposals under the theme of "reducing energy used in rolling stock, and making railway operations even more efficient."
In addition to electrical drive and control components, regenerative brakes and safety devices for rolling stock, we submit proposals for, and provide, station power distribution facilities, train radio systems, and substation facilities, all of which are indispensable to safe train operation, and so contribute to the stable operation of railway transportation.
To reduce station energy consumption and support greater levels of comfort, we also promote the use of LED lighting and wind power, and we are introducing digital signage in preparation for further improvements in customer convenience.
As part of its initiatives in a variety of business areas, such as railways, Kanaden is also promoting business activities focused on environmentally friendly products. By making proposals for a wide range of products that are easy and comfortable to use for everybody using public transportation systems, we aim to become an electronics technology trading company in the truest sense and one that can respond to customer trust and expectations.

Measures to Mitigate Global Warming, and Initiatives to Reduce Energy Consumption and Generate Energy

ZEB Initiatives

In response to targets for reducing CO2 in Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is aiming to achieve ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) status for all new buildings by 2030.
In July 2019, Kanaden was registered as a certified ZEB Planner and began supporting the implementation of ZEB for building owners.
ZEBs use energy-saving techniques and renewable energy to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the building as a whole to a level close to zero. ZEBs maintain the comfortability of a building while also producing net zero annual energy or creating more energy than they consume. They do this through energy conservation, such as improving equipment efficiency or insulation, and energy generation, such as by photovoltaic generation equipment, etc. At the same time, ZEBs also execute BCP measures during disasters.
Kanaden provides a one-stop service for everything from ZEB design proposals to energy conservation support after operation, including creating systems which use various energy conservation products, such as air conditioning, ventilation, hot water supply, lighting, elevators, and escalators. This contributes to the increase in the asset value of the building itself and the corporate value of the customer.
As a technology trading company involved in the construction industry, and as an environmentally advanced corporation, Kanaden submits a variety of proposals that transcend existing frameworks, and contribute to the customer achieving increases in corporate value.

Social Contribution Activities

Supporting Future Technicians

Sponsorship of Robot Idea Koshien

Kanaden sponsored the 2019 Robot Idea Koshien held by the Japan Factory Automation & Robot System Integrator Association. We are supporting activities which allows the young generation who will shape the future to gain an interest in robots and robot systems and consider an occupation in robotics as one option.

Volunteer Activities

Disaster relief donation contribution standards
Kanaden contributes donations when disasters designated as "specified emergency disasters" or otherwise severe disasters occur. In fiscal 2019, we contributed donations for the affected people and areas of the 2019 East Japan Typhoon.
Collection of plastic bottle caps
Contribute to the offering of vaccines to children around the world by recycling caps. In fiscal 2019, the Group collected around 70,000 caps.
We commissioned the work of sorting of the caps to social welfare corporations, thus also supporting the employment of people with disabilities.
Collection of used postal stamps
Support maternal and child health in developing countries through donation of stamps to Public Interest Foundation Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP).
Promote community invigoration
Kanaden sponsored WASSHOI HYAKUMAN NATSU MATSURI held in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture as we value our connection with this community.
Volunteer activities for community cleanup
Kanaden is participating in community cleanup activities as well as cleaning activities around our workplace.