Efforts for total building management

Providing state-of-the-art building management systems in the transition to total solutions

Executive Officer (Senior General Manager of Facilities Operation Division)Kazuhiro Tsukada

Providing value to the entire building rather than standalone facility equipment to meet the expectation of a decarbonized society

Together with technological progress and lifestyle transitions, the needs of society are also changing, and the building facilities area that the Company provides is no exception. In particular, the area where expectations are noticeably increasing is environmental load reduction. Energy conservation when the building is viewed as a whole and the reduction of energy usage through the utilization of renewable energy are highly sought after. Because such environmental load reduction not only contributes to society beginning with the achievement of SDGs but also helps enhance customer corporate value, the Company has also selectively advanced initiatives in this area. What is important here is to transition from proposals of standalone facilities equipment to total solution proposals. We must comprehensively look at facilities for the entire building to propose the optimization of energy efficiency and comfort rather than simply stopping at renovating the lighting and air conditioning facilities, etc.

Contributing from both energy conservation and energy generation by strengthening internal and external collaborations.

In making proposals for building management systems targeting entire buildings, there are barriers to overcome. One barrier is the identification of the points of improvement. After monitoring and visualizing the state of utilization of every facility, there is a need to identify where and what kind of waste is present, what should be done to make them efficient. Therefore, by combining not only the knowledge which the Company has accumulated so far but also the knowledge of partner companies who possess advanced consulting skills, we aim to propose the appropriate improvement measures based on data. Moreover, for environmental load reduction, it will become important to implement not only energy conservation but also produce energy within the building and use that to limit the real energy consumption. Accordingly, because we also support energy generation from the ZEB* perspective, we obtained the “ZEB Planner” certification. We are able to contribute to environmental load reduction for an entire building in terms of both energy conservation and energy generation.

  • * ZEB is an abbreviation of “Net Zero Energy Building.” This refers to a building which aims to set the primary energy balance consumed to zero while maintaining a comfortable interior space.

Feasible precisely because KANADEN has a history of trust and group synergy

The reason why we can provide such building management systems is precisely because of the technologies which KANADEN has accumulated as a group. Thus far, we have earned the trust of a wide range of partners and are able to provide any and every type of building-related facility in an inter-disciplinary manner from air conditioning facilities and lighting, access control systems to power supply facilities. Because we have such a complete lineup, we can realize proposals which target entire buildings. Moreover, we provide not only facilities but also coordinate with group engineering companies and partner companies and also strengthen initiatives including construction and maintenance services to aim for the goal of providing total solutions in the true sense. We will realize these initiatives and produce significant cost advantages for customers while contributing to enhancing corporate value from the perspective of sustainability. Moreover, in order to contribute to the achievement of SDGs with respect to society while connecting that to establishing our position as an Electronics Solutions Company, we will steadily and rapidly promote this project.

Executive Officer
(Senior General Manager of Facilities Operation Division)Kazuhiro Tsukada

Joined the Company in 1985. After being assigned to Sales in the head office Electronic Equipment Division, he was seconded to a manufacturer. After returning to his post, he successively served in various posts selling systems to government agencies, branches, and SI businesses, etc. From 2015, he served as the Senior General Manager in charge of supervising the entire System Integration Division for three years. Thereafter, he was appointed as the Senior General Manager of the Facilities Operation Division in 2018, which continues to the present time.

*Departments and positions are as of April 1, 2023

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