KANADEN’s DX project

Promoting overall optimization through DX which emphasizes independence and contributing to increasing our solution capabilities

Executive Officer (Senior General Manager of ICT Promotion Division)Haruo Yasumoro

Aiming to increase profits through work streamlining and leveling establishes a foundation for corporate growth

In recent years, the shift to DX has been promoted in every business scenario due to the rapid progress digital technologies. However, because the value chain is fluid and it is difficult to reduce to a format in a business company such as ours where the main focus is on sales rather than manufacturing, there are some aspects of the DX shift which are challenging. Under the objective of tying this shift to a company-wide profit increase by overcoming such challenges and driving work streamlining and leveling, the "KANADEN DX" project was launched. Because the management stability under "KANADEN DX" will contribute to establishing a foundation for business and technology innovation, it is a project with high expectations. Moreover, it can also be said to be an extremely important project for becoming an "Electronics Solutions Company" which can contribute to the achievement of SDGs leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction and aims for sustainable growth through solving social issues.

Fixating on DX that can be independently utilized by all employees without ending at the system introduction

What is important in DX is not the introduction of new systems or a shift to paperless documents but setting the appropriate objectives, working backwards, and drafting the necessary measures plans. Accordingly, this project drafted a long-term plan with the goal of standardizing and streamlining internal work as a matter of course, improving the proposal content and sales quality through business model transformation, and subsequently enhancing the sustainable corporate value. Currently, we are in the SFA introduction and utilization penetration phase, which is the first stage. What is being emphasized here is realizing a state in which all employees can utilize the SFA regardless of their system literacy.Having all employees independently utilize the SFA will establish KPI management based on numerical targets and enable the overall optimization of individually optimized internal knowledge and know-how. We believe that this will contribute not only to streamlining but also improving proposal quality. Therefore, we are enacting measures with an awareness of the operational aspects such as hosting study sessions for all employees, implementing trials by specific departments, training expert employees, and placing it in each department in an effort to promote a shift to DX which is not only about the form but clearly appears in the results.

Realizing further data utilization through SFA and ERP linking to achieve visible results both inside and outside the company

The SFA introduction is complete, and the next target now that the foundation for utilization is ready is to link ERP and SFA. We believe that completing the linking will enable the analysis of a massive volume of management data utilizing AI which can improve our solution capabilities now more than ever. Thus, what we wish to value here as well is the independence of employees. No matter how much data you have or even if you prepare an environment that can analyze it, that data is meaningless unless the employees can utilize it. We plan to focus on creating a well-prepared system that does not just stop at selecting an easy-to-utilize system and environment setup but includes data analysis and utilization method input as well as opinions collected from the field and their application to policies. Through these initiatives, we will contribute to the achievement of the company's "Electronics Solutions Company 2025" Medium-term Management Plan and the achievement of the SDGs, and going forward we will powerfully drive the "KANADEN DX" project so as to be able to realize a state in which we can return value inside and outside the company as soon as possible.

Executive Officer
(Senior General Manager of ICT Promotion Division)Haruo Yasumoro

Joined in April 1985. After managing wholesale trading company and futures trading market price board systems, etc. as an SE, he was in charge of project management of information systems for LP gas utilities. After working as an SE with the Planning Department and Sales Department, he transferred to his current department. He was elected as an Executive Officer in April 2021 and currently supervises ICT promotion for the entire company.

*Departments and positions are as of April 1, 2023

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