Human resource strategy project

Decisively carrying out a fundamental redesign of every system and environment based on the concept of developing self-directed human resources

Executive Officer (Senior general Manager of Administration Division)Nobuhiro Kuroda

Unwavering belief that human capital is the source of all KANADEN value

In the "Electronics Solutions Company 2025" Medium-term Management Plan which started in FY 2021, KANADEN declared that it would strengthen the profit structure aimed at sustainable growth and evolve into an "Electronics Solutions Company" that contributes to solving social issues. To achieve those goals, we are focusing on various new initiatives and reforms within each business unit. Thus, human resources form the foundation for all of those initiatives. Particularly in a trading company with a business model that does not have manufacturing division, each individual employee is the very source of corporate value, and we believe that they are the most important asset. Therefore, in order to hire and train human resources who will drive our evolution into an Electronics Solutions Company, the New Personnel System Project was launched in the Medium-term Management Plan.

Creating a personnel system that gets as close as possible to the diversifying sense of values of each individual

In a rapidly changing management environment, no matter how superior your products are, you will become unable to immediately support changing needs just by selling your existing products to existing customers, and you will become unable to provide sufficient value. Therefore, in October 2021 we enacted a personnel policy that is guided by developing human resources that can capture the needs of customers and society and think and act on their own, or in other words, "self-directed business people who can think and act on their own." Based on this personnel policy, we are planning a redesign of the personnel system, and we are currently in the phase of starting to revise the role-based grading system. Within the formulation of the new personnel system, the highest emphasis is being placed on creating a system in which people can make their own choices according to the values of diverse individuals. In an era when values are diversifying to this degree, the desired career to be created will differ according to each individual. In order to meet that intention to the utmost extent, we are now conducting reviews to be able to create a system that is as flexible as possible.

Realizing diverse careers for diverse employees through establishing an environment that is not just a system

Under the new role-based grading system, it is expected that employees will work while setting targets and the degree of difficulty on their own. Moving toward targets that they themselves have established will increase their job satisfaction while also maximizing their motivation, which should also significantly increase the value provided as a company. However, the role-based grading system is ultimately only a part of the personnel system. At the same time, we will also redesign and enhance every personnel system from the compensation system to personnel evaluations and later including human resource development and human resource placement. Moreover, we are not just establishing a system but also considering all-round measures aimed at building an environment in which employees can create a career that is unique to themselves featuring career path role models and educational training to support career design, etc. Going forward, we will continue to promote this project so as to be able to drive all revitalization initiatives aimed at becoming an Electronics Solutions Company from the aspects of the human resources strategy.

Executive Officer
(Senior general Manager of Administration Division)Nobuhiro Kuroda

After joining the Company in 1990, he was assigned to the General Affairs Division of the Kansai District Office. In 2001, he transferred to the Head Office General Affairs Division. Since joining the Company, he has managed the areas of General Affairs, Personnel, Legal, and Public Relations. In 2006, he became General Manager of the General Affairs and Personnel Office and was in charge of the commemorative project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company's founding. In 2013, he was appointed General Manager of the Personnel Division and the Public Relations and IR Division. In 2017, he became the Senior General Manager of the General Affairs and Personnel Office, managed the head office relocation project. He was appointed as Senior General Manager of General Affairs and Personnel Office in April 2022 and as Senior General Manager of Administration Division in April 2023.

*Departments and positions are as of April 1, 2023

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