Building Facilities business

Building Facilities Business provides power generators, uninterruptible power supplies, elevators and escalators, photovoltaic power generation systems, as well as LED lighting, air conditioning, residential facilities equipment, low-temperature equipment and energy management systems. We work to create systems that make business more efficient by controlling facilities for the entire building, and are also involved in ZEB solutions.


  1. Expand building management systems, strengthen ZEB (Net Zero Energy Buildings) proposals, and facilitate the spread of energy usage with low environmental impact to maintain balance between a more comfortable environment and limiting energy consumption.

  2. Strengthen expansion of total solutions, which includes processes from product and system proposals to construction and maintenance services.

Business Strategy

In the Building Facilities segment, we seek differentiation by strengthening our consulting capabilities in terms of actively proposing solutions that achieve overall optimization amid a scenario of mounting demand with respect to decarbonization and building sustainable social and industrial infrastructure that is resilient in times of disaster. This accordingly entails solutions that involve switching over to more efficient and highly reliable equipment and building systems for integrated management of such solutions.
The Building Facilities segment works with our affiliated company KANADEN ENGINEERING CORPORATION in providing total solutions across the entire equipment lifecycle extending from its installation to maintenance and upgrades.
With highly efficient facilities equipment featuring low environmental impact proliferating at an increasingly rapid pace overseas, mainly in ASEAN countries, we are strengthening our framework encompassing construction and maintenance.

Main Product

  • Facilities Equipment

    • Building Management Systems
    • Power Supply Systems
    • Elevators and Escalators
    • Photovoltaic Generation Equipment
    • LED Lighting
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment

    • Air Conditioners
    • Low-Temperature Equipment

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