Information & Communications Equipment

In addition to video solution systems for various applications, telecommunications equipment for security systems, and electronic medical care systems for the healthcare field, we handle semiconductors and electronic devices, with a focus on the microcomputers that are an indispensable part of vehicles, industrial equipment and telecommunications equipment. We are involved in building systems for utilize image and video, where the number of applications is growing rapidly, as well as a business that supplies modules to work with applications for products manufactured by customers.


  1. Promote provision of solutions utilizing digital technologies in the medical treatment, nursing care and healthcare fields.

  2. Evolve from the security business to the total ICT business and expand into the digital field.

  3. Seek to find products and establish solutions that open up new ways of utilizing and collaborating with data by taking advantage of the evolution of IoT devices and introducing 5G.

  4. Accelerate entry into the automotive field.

Business Strategy

In the field of telecommunications, advancements achieved with AI-driven image processing technologies are giving rise to the proliferation of new services across all aspects of society. Amid that scenario, the Infrastructure segment proposes optimal approaches for application by developing original solutions that encompass software and hardware for an extensive range of customers, including those in the manufacturing industry, logistics, and finance.
In the medical-related field, the Infrastructure segment is upgrading its menu of proposal options, which include peripheral diagnostic devices as well as remote monitoring and support solutions, while focusing on the expansion of its foundations in the mainstay business of radiotherapy systems. The segment is furthermore strengthening its framework for establishing the comprehensive healthcare business encompassing the prevention and nursing care domain.
In the field of semiconductors and devices, the segment continues to encounter medium- to long-term market expansion against a backdrop of heightening demand for IoT technologies and green transformation (GX) worldwide. Meanwhile, it has also been focusing on expanding its business foundations particularly with respect to housing equipment and healthcare, in addition to the mainstay industrial equipment and OA equipment-related fields.
In the automotive field, the segment seeks to make steady progress by enhancing collaboration with manufacturers and establishing systems for quality control and other such operations.

Main Product

  • Semiconductors and Devices

    • Semiconductors
    • Electronic Devices
  • Telecommunications

    • Security Systems
    • Visual Systems
    • Electronic Medical Care Systems

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