Infrastructure business

The Infrastructure Business provides electric products for rolling stock and other vehicles, substation equipment for receiving electric power, and telecommunication equipment to railway operators, in addition to products that contribute to the development of social infrastructure, such as traffic safety systems, air-traffic control systems, local disasterdamage prevention systems, photovoltaic power generation systems and lithium-ion batteries. We work to build systems for society that support safe, secure and convenient living.


  1. Respond to changes in customers’ business models in the traffic and public sectors, while also continuing to fulfill the mission of maintaining the safety, security and comfort of social infrastructure and evolution thereof. With this in mind, step up efforts to make proposals on solutions without being constrained by traditional business areas.

  2. Contribute to the strengthening of societal and industrial foundations by providing monitoring, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation solutions in cases of climate-related disasters and natural disasters.

Business Strategy

In the Infrastructure segment, we maintain strong relationships of trust with our customers built by consistently fulfilling responsibilities in terms of providing foundations that uphold safety and reliability in serving as social infrastructure. Based on that, we seek to further increase profitability and strengthen our presence by actively making proposals in new fields of business particularly in terms of DX applications and prompting evolution of services.
The Infrastructure segment focuses on proposals that help reduce maintenance costs. This includes disaster prevention and mitigation solutions for preparing for the escalation of severity of natural disasters attributable to climate change, and also includes imaging solutions for preemptive detection of equipment deterioration and anomalies.

Main Product

  • Transportation

    • Rolling Stock and Other Vehicles
    • Facilities and Information and Communication Equipment
  • Social Systems

    • Safety and Reassurance
    • The Environment and Energy

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